New trends in floor applications | Decoration Ideas

New trends in floor applications | Decoration Ideas

Floor applications come up with new trends every term. Natural stone, ceramic, mosaic, porcelain tile, cotto… Stone flooring materials are the new trend on the floors of the places we live in. Wall color, furniture, textiles and lighting draw attention first.

The most important determinant of how the place looks is floors. If the floor covering is bad, the place loses all its air. A good floor application works wonders in the room. Today, there are many alternatives to wooden floors. So, what floor material to choose for which room? It is extremely important to choose the floor covering to create a stunning effect. Although personal tastes are at the forefront, you should not forget that there are suitable floor coverings for every part of the house.

In areas with heavy traffic, solid floor covering should be preferred. For basement rooms such as the ground floor, the most appropriate floor covering should be decided for dampness. Different floor options may be suitable for balconies depending on the temperature. If you have a balcony that will not be exposed to much heat, you can use ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are the most suitable choice for bathrooms… The first thing to consider in the bathroom is that it is not waterproof, washable and slippery.

The most suitable alternatives in floor applications
Less slippery and thicker floor ceramics make the spaces more spacious and spacious. It has options such as glazed ceramic, terracota and porcelain tiles. Ceramic tiles have a structure that is easy to clean and does not wear easily. However, it is not suitable for external use. You should avoid cleaning ceramics with strong detergents and solvents. It can only be cleaned with water and sponge. Terracota, which is formed by drying the clay pieces in sunlight and giving it to the oven, can be used with or without glaze.

Porcelain tiles, which are imitation of natural stones, also attract attention with their hard-to-wear and water-resistant properties. It is extremely strong against scratching and staining. It is a strong alternative on the ground due to its non-slip properties and richness of color and size options. Another material that can be cleaned without bringing a special material is granite. Granite, which is a natural building block, is long-lasting and robust.

If you want to use traditional materials, the most suitable alternative for this is marble. As it is a hard building material, it is not affected by seasonal conditions and temperature changes. It is also very easy to maintain with the method of polishing the marble with a special stone polish once a year.

Mosaic is one of the trending floor applications of the last period. As it gives a feeling of freshness to the place where it is used, being easy to clean increases the use of mosaic. There are many different color and motif options in places such as bathrooms and kitchens. The stones used in the mosaic flooring can be applied easily in the recess and protruding areas of the space that create space loss. The entrance, where mostly light tones are preferred, such as coffee, white and salmon, gives extremely stylish results in halls, halls, bathrooms and kitchens.
A nice alternative to the outdoor floor is pebble mosaic. Gravel mosaic application chosen for modern decorations is generally used in large ground areas such as hall, entrance, balcony, garden, terrace, pool and courtyard.

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