How to Make Smoky Lip Makeup?


‘What about smoky lip makeup?’ We seem to hear what he asked. Yes, after smokey eye makeup, it’s time for smoky lip makeup. Just like the smoky and shadowy look on the eyes, you can make smoky lip makeup using multiple colors on your lips.

Smoky lip makeup, one of the rapidly rising makeup trends of 2020, will highlight your lips. Your lips will look bigger and fuller than you do in smoky lip makeup that you have done by following the right steps. Instead of getting lip fillers, you can add volume to your lips by following the smoky lip makeup steps.

What is smoky lip makeup?

Smoky lip makeup is the name given to the misty lip looks you make using multiple colors. It is aimed to make the lips look fuller and to emphasize the contour of the lips by preferring colors that are close to each other in this makeup flow.

You can adapt smoky lip makeup not only for night makeup, but also for day makeup using nude tones. If you love trying different lip makeup trends, we are sure you will love this ombre lip fashion!

Which lipsticks to choose for smoky lip makeup?

When creating a smoky lip look, you should choose easy-to-apply lipsticks with soft version and high durability. Just like in the eyes, lipstick that will be easily dispersed will make it easier for you to make blend, that is, mixing technique in smoky lip makeup.

Smoky lip makeup is our suggestion in choosing lipstick; Take care that the lipsticks you use have the same finish. So we do not recommend you to mix the glossy lipstick with the matte finish lipstick. You can make smoky lip makeup with completely glossy lipsticks or matte overall, the choice is yours!

How to make up bright smoky lip makeup?

For glossy lip smoky makeup, you should choose satin and lipsticks with ultra-shiny finish. The lipstick we use for this makeup look is Maybelline New York Color Sensational Lipsticks. The Color Sensational lipstick line includes nude, pink, brown and red lipstick shades. When deciding which shades to use in lip makeup, we suggest you choose shades close to each other. If you are going to make smoky makeup in red tones, it will be correct to mix shades such as dark red, red, dark pink.

As a first step, apply 122 Brick Beat Affair colors from Maybelline New York Color Sensational lipsticks to the outer part of your lips as if you were framing your lips with a lip pencil. Then apply 177 Bare Reveal to the middle layer of your lips. Now, blend these two colors in round motions with the help of the lipstick brush. Thanks to the structure of Color Sensational lipsticks, these two colors will blend homogeneously, resulting in a smoky appearance.

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