2020 Boho Wedding Dresses Fashion


Boho bridal gowns are among the most preferred models by brides in recent years. Known as bohemian fashion and introduced in this way over time, bridal dresses attract attention with their many details and appeal to the young generation. Besides the special cuts, different embroideries on the shoulders, by carefully examining these wedding dresses, which are preferred by those who like a shabby look, you can make the right choice for that special day of your dreams.

2020 Boho Wedding Dresses Fashion

Before you make the right choice among the 2020 boho wedding dresses, you need to decide on your taste and style. After deciding what kind of a wedding you are dreaming about, how you want to see yourself at this wedding, making your choice will be important for you to make the right decision.

What are Boho Wedding Dresses?

Let’s talk about how this style came about before going into Boho wedding dress models. The Bohemian style, which emerged as a fashion trend in the 1800s, was used to describe gypsies. This word was used in that period to express freedom, comfort and living without calculation. In the following period, it has become a fashion trend, especially in the 1960s and 1970s.

This style has been named as bohemian, boho chic and boho until today. To summarize, we can say that it is a fashion trend created by blending past styles with comfort and hippie clothing. This term is used in these bridal gowns.

Features of Boho Wedding Dresses

Boho wedding dress models have different features. It is a situation that should be in a style that is used synonymous with freedom. These features are preferred by those who do not prefer formal and standard wedding dresses.

These types of wedding dresses include frills, tassels, asymmetrical cuts, comfortable bridal gowns and numerous embellishments. For those who want, we can say that the hippie icons are in the wedding dress with close-up icons. Let’s briefly try to describe the features that are in these wedding dress models.

Floor Cuts, Ruffles and Flywheel Models

These models, which appeal to all kinds of tastes, include additions to help you identify yourself. In terms of adding a different atmosphere, frills are added to the wedding dress. Flywheels used on the shoulders and collars can be preferred. These touches will help you add a special romance to the wedding dress.

Vintage Wedding Dresses

Boho bridal gowns are used side by side with the past. These models, known as vintage style, are a preference from the 70’s to the present day. The most important feature of this style is seen as the most important choice in terms of its simplicity and reflecting a special style. Spanish sleeves, knitted or lace fabrics are often used in the design of these wedding dresses.

Wedding Dresses with Asymmetrical Cuts

Even if there is a wedding dress, the way of women who will prefer a shabby look will definitely cross these wedding dresses. In order to achieve this look, especially asymmetrical cuts are frequently used in the skirt part of wedding dresses. When this cut is combined with bohemian style shoes, the desired shabby style and original look will emerge. While sandals are generally preferred under this model, they can be worn in bare feet according to the appropriate point.

Two-Piece Bohemian Wedding Dresses

Two pieces in wedding dresses are one of the very rare situations. This style can be seen in Boho wedding dresses. In this model, which consists of two parts, upper and lower, different fabrics are used in both parts. While plain fabric is used at the top, a chiffon style is preferred at the bottom. But usually lace operations on the upper part are preferred in this two-piece model.

Minimal Touches and Decollets

The preferred decollete in this model is usually used on the back of the wedding dress. Of course, since this preference is used in its place and dose, it gives the wedding dress a charismatic appearance.

It is presented in this style in models with minimal impact for those who want. For those who have a simple and minimal appearance, there are models that can make the best choice they want. But while doing this, small touches, adding decollete is important in terms of creating a fantastic look.

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