10 KETO FOODS YOU SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE IN YOUR FRIDGE + 7 easy keto recipes to make with them


MUST HAVE KETO FOODS IN YOUR REFRIGERATOR + 7 EASY KETO RECIPES YOU CAN MAKE WITH THEM!! In this video, I share with you 10 keto foods that are always in my refrigerator. Having these foods on hand allow me to always make easy keto meals on the fly & meal prep easier – especially on nights when I come home from work and have no clue what to cook for dinner. These are staple foods that I keep stock in my fridge so I can make easy, delicious, keto meals and snacks throughout the week. The ideas in this video will make meal prepping simple. I also share seven easy keto recipes you can make using the 10 fridge staples. These are recipes you can make for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and dessert! All of them use the ingredients that I always keep in my fridge and don’t require a ton of time to make. The 10 keto foods you will always find in my fridge are eggs, bacon, chopped vegetables, leafy greens, berries, pre-cooked proteins, heavy cream & nut milk, avocado, cheese and grassfed butter. These foods make up the bulk of many of our meals and there are so many ways to use them.

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